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We have other options. Tell me why should we choose RBA?

Our work consists of ministries just like yours, which allows us to have a more hands on approach in helping you with your insurance. We fully support your calling; you are never just a number with RBA. We’re experts in our field and we’re committed to delivering the highest level of care with attentiveness, warmth and integrity. Contact Nikki at 800-701-8992 or to discuss this further. We’d love to chat!

When do you release renewal information?

Renewal information is released in early September of each year.

Does my church have to pay by EFT?

No, you’re not required to pay by EFT. 95% of our members currently pay by EFT, but we understand that not everyone is comfortable with this arrangement.

I’m still working but getting ready to turn 65. Can I move to the RBA Medicare plan?

No. The RBA offers a Medicare Advantage Plan only for those who are retired from the CRCNA and the RCA. If you are still actively working, you will continue on your current plan.

My church has several staff members who receive medical coverage through their spouses. Can these staff members still participate with RBA?

Yes. RBA requires all eligible full-time staff members to be enrolled in the RBA Medical and Basic Life plans unless they have medical coverage through their spouses. Participants who have spouse coverage will still be required to participate in the Basic Life plan. Please refer to the Terms of Participation for specific eligibility details.

Whom can I contact for more questions on eligibility?

You can send us an email by filling out this form. From there, we’ll provide you with a personal advisor who can help you through every step of the insurance process.

Membership & Plans

What benefit plans does RBA offer?

RBA offers the following benefit plans: Medical, Dental, Vision, Basic Life, Supplemental Employee Life, Supplemental Spouse Life, Supplemental Child Life, *Voluntary Long-Term Disability, Accidental Death & Dismemberment, Accident, and Critical Illness.
*available to non-ordained staff only

How do I join Real Appeal?

It’s a great day to start! If you’re on the UHC medical plan you’re eligible to join in the fun!

Visit to enroll online. You can also call 1-844-344-REAL (7325) for assistance.

When do you release renewal information?

Renewal information is released in early September of each year.

When do you release renewal information?

Renewal information is released in early September of each year.

Can my group take less than $175,000 in group-term life insurance?

Yes. We now offer a $75,000 Group-Term Life policy in addition to the $175,000 policy. Churches now have the option to chose between the two policies for their staff.

How can I find out if my doctor is in-network with United Healthcare?

Contact Quantum Health by calling 877-498-1382 or visit

My church wants to open a Health Savings Account (HSA) for a new pastor. Where do I start?

RBA does not require you or your church to use a specific institution for Health Savings Accounts. You can find helpful information supplied by our preferred partners, Optum Health Bank and Wells Fargo here on our Resource page. We also suggest you contact the bank that your church or pastor uses to see if they offer Health Savings Accounts.

Whom do I contact regarding my pension/retirement?

If you’re from an RCA church, contact the Board of Benefit Services at 866-221-5480. If you’re from a CRC church, contact the Ministers’ Pension Fund at 616-224-0722.



How do I change my address with the RBA?

Kindly send us an email with your new address:

How do I update the beneficiaries for my life insurance?

Login to your account at From there you can update your personal information.

Our monthly invoice is incorrect. Whom do we contact to have it corrected?

You can contact the billing specialist by calling 800-701-8992 or emailing

Whom can I contact if I have a claims issue?

For claims issues, please contact Quantum Health at 877-498-1382.