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2024 Plan Year Information

We value the trust you place in Reformed Benefits Association. We know you
may have other insurance options, and we appreciate your commitment to combining insurance with similar ministries. We are committed to keeping our insurance competitive, responding and preparing for federal regulations and caring for our participants and their families.

Other Perks to Joining RBA…

  • Free Preventive Health Coverage
  • Access to Health Care Navigator Services through Quantum Health
  • Case Management Services
  • Wellness Program with Incentives
  • Personalized Online Physical Therapy through Hinge Health
  • Wellness Incentives through Mobile Health
  • Free Diabetes Management and Hypertension Management Program with Livongo
  • Free Weight Loss Program with Real Appeal

Enrollment Resources

Open Enrollment is held annually in October-November

  • Churches and participants will receive information as soon as it becomes available, which is generally in September.
  • For more information, feel free to download the RBA Benefits Guide in the PDF resources below
  • Looking for more information now? We would love to help!¬† Connect with us by emailing and we will be happy to answer your questions.

PDF Resources

2024 Group Insurance Coverage Agreement

2024 Terms of Participation

New Participant Enrollment Data Form

2024 Rate Sheet

2024 Medical Plan Comparison Chart

2024 RBA Renewal Updates

2024 RBA Benefits Guide

EFT Authorization Form

Ready to Enroll?